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The Storbie marketplace is powered by the Storbie ecommerce platform. Storbie is the online store and marketplace builder which doesn't leave you standing on your own in the world of ecommerce. Storbie enables businesses to cluster together under a common cause, category or geographic brand to maximise their discovery, customer loyalty and business growth.

Why is this important? 

A Storbie marketplace site such as this enables businesses to cluster together online in a way that reaches beyond the bounds of legacy online directory sites, because of the added product and ecommerce functionality. 

Surprisingly, over a third of SMBs in New Zealand don't have a website. Yet over half of all purchases in NZ involve the use of the Internet – which means our SMBs are missing out!

It's not all about online sales either – the research that Kiwis are doing online leads to in-store purchasing. You may have heard of the term 'web-influenced sales'. This is why it is so important to have business and product/service information online.

We find that even if a business has a website, it is often not ecommerce-enabled, may not feature their product/service catalogue at all and it’s difficult to rank in search engines without considerable effort. These are areas where a Storbie marketplace delivers tangible benefits to Storbie users - by making it easy to have an ecommerce website and increasing its discoverability.

Want to sell online and boost your discoverability from the get-go? Create an online store with Storbie today and join the Storbie marketplace! 

Online stores running on the Storbie platform will have their products featured in the Storbie marketplace from day one. Storbie is also powering the KiwiLabelHealfie and Giftfind marketplaces, in additon to the Storbie marketplace. These marketplaces are designed to encompass a wide variety of business types, so you can join the marketplace(s) that make sense for your business and increase your discoverability online. 

Visitors to these marketplaces can enjoying browsing and searching across all participating stores and products, then click through to individual online stores to purchase. All purchases are made directly via the online store and appear as a normal order within a Storbie store. 

Participating in these marketplaces is completely free! There are currently no charges. While this may change in the future, we encourage all Storbie users to make the most of this free opportunity to increase their online exposure, website visits and sales. You can however opt out of these marketplaces at any time. 

Benefits of being a part of a marketplace: 

  • Boost your brand exposure online 

  • Benefit from the collective promotion of a marketplace 

  • Increase visibility in search engines & traffic to your website 

  • Drive enquiries and sales 

  • Direct people to visit you in-store 

  • Participate in promotions 

  • Contribute blog content & be seen as a thought-leader in your industry

The Storbie Online Store Builder 

Storbie is the world's easiest ecommerce shop creator. It provides all of the tools that you need to create a great looking and successful online store. Storbie is packed with ecommerce features and there are no technical skills required to create and manage your own website and online store. 

It is free to create a Storbie store. There is no obligation, no time limit, no upfront costs. The low monthly fee, starting from $35+GST per month, only applies when you are ready to start selling. 

Create your Storbie store now and join the Storbie marketplace!